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25/05/2009 00:39:09
Re: more question sorry

HI, thank you for the quick response and thank you for taking the time and effort to help us people in need of advice, you are a really cool dude.
Sorry for taking up so much of your time but I have a few more questions, I’m a newbie to the working life.
I have read the employment act so now I know that I’m under the act cause of my salary so here are some more of my questions if you don’t mind answering?
1. If I work 12 hours 10.30am till 10.30 is my over time 4 hours or 2 hours considering the (10 hour spread over thing ) but we have no break if we cook our own staff meal we eat take a smoke and go back to work in like 20 – 30 minute, so we don’t cook staff meal and go out to eat for an hour and we only have one meal over the whole working day beside the quick smoke break 5-10 minute or toilet break 5-10 minute as well.
2. Will I be black listed if I make a complain at the labour department? If I make a complain can I still work at the same work place or must I quit to complain?
3. How long does it take to make a complain and how long do I have to wait get the case settle?
4. The employer owes me three off day if I ask them to pay it is double wages and keep on doubling up (rm50 for 1st off day 2nd off day Rm100 3rd off day Rm150) or it is just double pay for that day? And do I still get back my off day or it is consider null or its just count as an normal work day.
5. If I chose to redeem back my off day how about the overtime that I done on those day ?
6. And if I chose to be paid how will the employer know which day is my off day with out a working schedule and how about the overtime on the so called rest day ?
7. My employer wants to increase my salary upon confirmation to 1700 that’s that mean I no longer get overtime? And I’m I still protected by the employment act?
8. Can the employer hold back the pay they say they will only count till the 25th of every month and hold the pay till the next month, we get the pay only on the last day of every month.
9.. how do people normaly count the salary i dont understand i get 1300 a month

Thank you so very much for clearing up all this doubt about my working life.
So sorry for the long questions
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25/05/2009 01:08:11
i been only working 1 and a half month, but it feels so long, cos in total now the compnay owes me 4 off days and without a working schedule or any terms and conditiion i;m so confuse
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