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22/05/2009 23:24:32
Re: Salary calculation after resigned


I tendered resignation on 19-02-09 (as stated in resignation letter) and need to serve for 2 months notice. May I know what is the actual last day after 2 months served? Is it 19-04-09?

The company told me, the actual last day is on 18-04-09 and according to them, 18-04-09 is on weekend. Hence, they will only pay to me until 17-04-09. According to them, they said is based on labour law in the email. Furthermore, they said will only pay it to me latest by next month.

I would like to ask: -
1) When is my actual last day after 2 months notice ?
2) If the actual last day falls on weekend, is it true that they can deduct the pay for weekend?
3) Do they have the right to extend till latest by next month? As I left the company for more than 1 month time.

I'm really feel helpless on that.

Please help. Hope can get your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
23/05/2009 09:46:11
In my opinion, they should pay you up to 18 April and not 17th. If you still have not got your salary by now, you can make a complaint at the Labour Department.
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23/05/2009 15:38:55
Hi KL Siew,

Thanks for your kindest response.

If that case, how can I make a complaint at the Labour Department? How long will they take action to investigate? Will the company spoil my reputation to company in same industry? Reason being they know about my new company.

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KL Siew
23/05/2009 20:05:13
Best is to be patient and give your ex company sometime to pay you. Talk to them. Only go to the Labour Office as the last resort. I can't say how long it will take.
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