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21/05/2009 17:13:57
Re: 2 jobs a day

my worker works on another job as a guard on night shift. What shall I do about it?
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KL Siew
21/05/2009 20:08:40
To me, it is OK as long as he is doing a proper job for you. If not, you will have to talk to him about it.
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Raymond Lopez
Raymond Lesly Lopez/Port Dickson/Cabot
27/08/2009 16:29:19
KL Siew , I disagree with your answer pertaining to worker working 2 jobs - especially on night shift . On SH&E ground it is totally unexceptable , secondly working more than 16hrs a day contineous is way off against the labour law .This guy is just like a time bom ,waiting for something to happen to him and I can name a few , road accident - not enough sleep, industrial accident - due to tired & sleepyness and etc .
You should be more careful in answering questions like this case , its really unsafe .
I'm making my point to ensure safety is practiced across the region industries. Dont take risk - safety first . Thanks & regards .
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