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20/05/2009 23:44:08
Re: service/ hospitality industry

Thank you for your advice in advance,
I work in a restaurant in solaris which just open, here are some of the problems me and my teammates face, I hope that you can help answer and give me some advice on this matter as I have no idea who to turn to with it.
1. I have no EPF or socso Account but the employer did minus my pay and said that she will open an account for me which I have yet to receive or sign any form! How do I go about this?
2. Me and my team mates have been working 10 to 12 hours daily for weeks on end in which they already owe me 3 off days, according to the employer because this is the hospitality industry that there is no over time pay, is this true? Does it mean that being a cook I have no rights to claim overtime or it is just a company policy? Does the law protect me? Or does the service industry have different regulation?
3. If the restaurant chargers service tax which is suppose to be giving to the staff as service point at the end of the month as incentives, but the company is giving us Nett income? Is there any law regarding this? Or is the company breaking any law?
4. During split shift is there an amount stated in any legal act or does the company dictate the amount which is currently RM 5 for 4 hours.

Note I have not receive any black and white accept the offer letter which state my salary and position, with the only condition being a two week notice for quitting and nothing else

Thank you for your help any advice or help is greatly appreciated
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KL Siew
21/05/2009 10:21:40
1. Your employer will have to register you with EPF and SOCSO, remind your employer about that. That's important especially SOCSO in case of accident.
2. That is not true.
3. All the staff should join together and negotiate with your employer about payment of service charge.
4. I don't think that is enough.

Since it is a new outlet, all of you better get together and iron out all those problems with your employer. If nothing can be done, you can always approach the Labour Department for help.
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21/05/2009 23:46:13
thank you KL Siew
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