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Lim sm
20/05/2009 14:16:36
Re: Work Overload - 1 person work 3 person's work

hi, initially i'm in marketing department, but management transfer me to puchasing department due to the only purchaser in company going for maternity, so i'm handling purchasing now. At the mean time, i'm also helping inventory to key in data after a inventory staff resigned. Also, i have to issue PO and invoice for brother company.
i'd like to know, is there any labor law protect us for this situation?
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KL Siew
21/05/2009 09:49:35
It is not unusual especially when you are a nice fellow. You have to protect yourself. Don't be shy to ask for more pay when they want you to do more and more work.
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11/06/2009 01:07:24

Previous I'm at Executive level and was instructed to do cover duty for senior executive post for 6 months and been given cover duty allowance less than RM300 per month only . Based on the amount the cover duty allowance is not fairly derive/calculated for an additional 37 tasks on top of previous 10 tasks. What is the proper calculation method for cover duty allowance? Any laws bind with it?
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