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18/05/2009 18:47:25
Re: VSS not pay accordingly

I am working with one MNC company, due to economic downturn, the company decided to reduce staff and has offered VSS, I have applied and was approved.

I have work with the company since 6Aug1996. It has been 12 years 8 months. According to my contract I should be paid as Basic salary x years of service x 1.25 months.. I've shown all the letters but the HR Manager has denied my rights.

Please advise what should I do. Where do I go to get a justice. i'm a single mother to 3 children who still in school.
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KL Siew
18/05/2009 20:29:21
You can make a complaint at the Labour Department.
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22/07/2009 17:46:51
hi, I am 8 months pregnant and the company has offered vss. since i am working with the current company for about 1 year and 3 months, i entitled to have 1 month + 10 days salary. How about my 2 months maternity leave, does company will pay that as well?
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