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18/05/2009 17:11:19
Re: Medical leave - can it be pro-rated

Hi, I have recently resigned and my last day is end of the month (May 30 2009). I have recently taken a few days of medical leave this year as I got pretty sick on and off.

I was just told by my Finance cum HR officer that I've over-used my Medical leave by a day. Therefore, they will deduct it from my annual leave.

Can you please clarify if they can do that? I thought medical leave are not supposed to be pro-rated. I have 14 days of medical leaves this year.

Appreciate if you could shed some light into this matter. Thank you.
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KL Siew
18/05/2009 20:27:05
Yes, it is not prorated.
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19/05/2009 13:47:18
Thank you so much for the clarification. Have a good day! :)
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