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18/05/2009 15:33:11
Re: Complaints of decrease of salary

Dear Ms Siew,

Gooday to you.

I would like to complain that my company would like to decrease my salary without giving any notice. Is that feasable? Frankly, I'm under probation but currently they would like to comfirm me but want to decrease my salary saying that im not qualified to fullfill the company standards and expectations. I attach here with my offer letter and confirmation letter for your further evaluation.

My question is, isn't that a company should decrease my salary in advance then increase or onhold my salary after confirm? But this company is just decrease the salary with their own way and giving the reason saying that im not qualified enough and want me to cope the managerial job function? Furthermore, in the offer letter, there is stated that this company will giving me a job description but they dont!

So, is this the legal and appropriate way to do this to the employees? Can I sue this company as well?

Hopefully, I am looking forward for your professional and justice advice.

Deeply appreciate for your kind help and await for your prompt reply.

Thank you
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KL Siew
18/05/2009 16:52:11
You may consult the Industrial Relations Department but they may not be able to help. If you want to sue you may consult a lawyer. A better way will be for you to talk it over with your company first to find some solutions.
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18/05/2009 18:02:59
By the way, why is Industial Relations Department but not the Labour Department? Can I have the details of Industrial Relations Department info and contact? Thanks!
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KL Siew
18/05/2009 20:22:39
You are not covered by the Employment Act because your salary is more than RM1500,
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