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18/05/2009 09:35:37
Re: termination or extend

We have a confirmed employee repeatedly absent without leave. (Absent for 7 working days and just inform with SMS Message, SMS message not encourage at our organisation as we announced previously)
Last week a show cause letter was issued to him and need his reply. As he replied that he has health problem and not absent without reason.
After the discussion with the said employee, he request employer to review his performance for another 3 months and will improve his attendance or else he will give resignation letter to employer.
In this circumstances, can a confirmed staff serve with a letter and mentioned to review his performance for another 3 months ( this letter to conclude the mutual agreement after the discussion as refer to letter reply from employee).
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KL Siew
18/05/2009 10:48:52
Let him put his undertaking in writing first. He has to write it on his own, not drafted by you. Then you may follow up.
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06/06/2009 13:01:18
i have a few staff who is always absent to work. whenevr they r absent, they will produce me wit MC letters from the same private clinic. later, i got to know that they actually buy the MC letter from the private clinic. can i put a rule in my company that only government hospital or clinic certified MC letters will be accepted?is it against the law?
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