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15/05/2009 20:24:55
Re: OT payout

I've been working on OT as requested by my employer to cover some staff shortages. For instance, this month of May, I'm taking OT for 5 days. However, my employer will only pay for my OT for May salary, but will only pay it on June salary.

Our salary is paid every 25th of each month. The OT I'm taking is on 10,11,17,18 & 24. I can accept if the 24 OT will only be calculated in June salary. But the other OT? Is this do-able? BTW, I'm drawing a salary more than RM3k
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KL Siew
15/05/2009 22:06:16
To me, it is not too late. It is quite normal. Employers do require more time to pay overtime salary because the staff need time to check the overtime claims. I wouldn't complain if I were you.
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