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15/05/2009 12:39:34
Re: No allowance, Delay of Salary, No EPF, No Socso, No claim for OT.. What should i do?

My company is an Event & Premiums Company.
I have been working in this company for 5 months,
I were told to work as Event Marketing Executive when interview.
-RM1,300 per month
-Monday - Friday
- 10am to 7pm

But~ after week goes by.. my position became to act more and more
From the 1st day of working till now, the working hour were never on time.. i were to allow back home after 7pm or more around 8.40pm.

On January, i were told to incharge event marketing, event merchandise, store, operating, sales report & ticketing.
On February, March, April, i were told to add on another position as admin and accounts
On May, i were told to add on to incharge premiums.

Starting from January till April i have to work 7days a week extra working hour but same salary, Sat & Sunday with no paid. As i discuss with my boss many times about OT pay for Sat & Sunday for january till april, She say she will calculate all sat & sunday to pay us back after the event is done but 2 weeks ago she refuse to pay us for that and told us that OT are not claimable.

I have discuss with my boss about the confirmation but as my colleages told me that she wouldn't want to confirm cause she want to save the increase salary of me for a couple of month.
Without the confirmation.. i have no EPF.

I only recieve my last payment for march on the 2nd week of april. From the last payment i'd never recieve any payment til now. Last week i'd were told to recieve my salary this week but this week i'd were told to recieve next week, how many next week it's going to be?

This is not fair for me, as i were to work many position but no increasement of salary.

Eventhough i have discuss to my boss but she still delay the payment.
I'd would like to request for advice on what should i do.

Kindly advise on the above, what can i do?
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15/05/2009 12:44:26
I would like to add on some stuff that were left out just now.

Sometimes on event promo day, we must work till late nite.
Around 1am to 2am.. or more~
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KL Siew
15/05/2009 15:00:14
Obviously, you have got a very raw deal. If you have kept proper records of your working long hours or working on rest days and so on , the Labour Department is the place for you to make complaint.
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