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Ms Teh
15/05/2009 11:16:01
Re: Termination during hospitalisation period.

I have a staff on probation and was extended his probation from 1/April 2009 untill 31/May. He injured his hand while at home and was given MC since 14/April until this month's 26/May. Can we terminate his service by tis 31/May on basis of his performance was not up to our expectations? If can, do we need to compensate him? FYI, his salary has exceeded RM1,500.
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KL Siew
15/05/2009 14:55:25
There is nothing to prevent you from doing that but he has the right to complain against you.
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Ms Teh
15/05/2009 16:37:21
How about compensation? does company need to compensate him with the dismissal?
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