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14/05/2009 21:39:41
Re: Working hours


I'm drawing a salary of more than RM3k. In my offer letter, stated that my working hours per week shall consist of 40 hours. This is a shift job 24 by 7.

Currently, I'm working in a 12 hour shift for 4 days a week. That is more that 8 hours per week compare to the one stated in my offer letter.

I've asked my employer, and the explanation given by:

My HR manager says the 40 hours per week only applies if i engage in normal office hours.

Man Director
My MD says that if i were to work for 40 hours (5days), I would get 2 days rest day. Now I'm working 48 hours cramped in 4 days. Its only fair that i get 3 days off.

Those were the words said by my employer. Pls comment on the situation. If i were to report this matter, to whom could I report it to?
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KL Siew
15/05/2009 08:37:24
You have a point as far as the offer letter is concerned. If you and your employer cannot get the matter settled, you may consult the Industrial Relations Department see whether they can give you any help.
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15/05/2009 10:18:01
My management announced company shutdown for 4 mondays since March n they deduct our leave and deduct pay for those who do not have annual leave. But there are big number of workers come to work on shutdown days. When I asked them they told me the boss asked them to come. Only less than 20 workers are not requested to come out of 100 over employees in my plant. I'm wondering is this against labour law or not?
Please advise. thank you.
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KL Siew
15/05/2009 15:04:52
To Chris. The so called shutdown obviously affected only certain people. If so, you may make complain to the Labour Department about salary deduction.
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15/05/2009 20:29:20
I've contacted the Industrial Relations Department. Sad thing is, they can't do anything. I have to engage a lawyer. Through out my working life, it is sad to say that the labour law does not cover all the employee, employer and sectors in Malaysia.
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KL Siew
15/05/2009 21:59:55
So, you may have to do as suggested by your MD i.e. 8 hours for 5 days.
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19/05/2009 11:58:13
the working hour should be 8 hours its that the 8 hours include the lunch hour or not
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20/05/2009 15:07:26
is sunday considered as workdays? if we are required to work 6 days a week inclusive alternate Sunday, can we claim extra pay?
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