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16/01/2009 10:05:44
Re: Study leave entitlement

I've worked for my company for 1 year and a half. My annual leave is 8 days. Yet i was saving it for my study leave during June and Dec 2009. I'm in dilemma because my boss acquire us to take compulsory leave on the 4th n 5th day of CNY since the other 2 companies on the same building is giving their employees holidays on tis 2 days but my company is not following the holidays provided to their employees as the other 2 companies. Therefore, i would like to ask whether the company is entitle to give the employee study leave according to the Labor Law?
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KL Siew
16/01/2009 10:25:24
There is no provision for study leave under the Employment Act. If you intend to keep your leave for your study purposes, you should make prior arrangement with your employers.
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