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14/05/2009 12:27:18
Re: LEAVE Decudution

i have a question regarding the leave. Currently as i read in the labor act the minimum annual leave is as:

A)1 -2 = * 8days
B)2-5 = * 12days
C)5 - = * 16 days

can company have right segregate the leave which allocated by law to employee to be divided to 12 month? Meaning like for example if let say the employee having 12 days annual leave which divide 12 month. 1 day per month la.

the issue is now,Let say on the month of january the employee took 2 days leave and in the system state he/she have only 1 day leave that can be taken.
but the management deducted 1 day and the second day is an unpaid leave although there is still leave in hand. Is this right? can the management do this.
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KL Siew
14/05/2009 16:50:29
Obviously, management does not want employees to take leave more than they are entitled to. Management can surely do that.
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