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11/05/2009 00:10:12
Re: Resignation

I already tender my resignation letter on 30th April 09 and it required 1 month notice. I still have 4 days annual leave and no MC already. But previously on 5th May 09, I met an accident and doctor give me 9 days of MC. So I would like to ask when is my last day? Can I leave early and deduct salary? Please advise. Thanks.
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KL Siew
11/05/2009 08:39:30
You will have to apply for the 4 days annual leave and you may go four days earlier if it is approved by your company. As for your sick leave, you may be entitled to paid sick leave if you have not already exhausted it before the accident.
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13/05/2009 13:06:05
I have signed a contract with the company dated on 17th February 2009 for the duration of 2 years of service. The contract stated that I was given 6 months probation period which I should not bring to premature end or else I would have to pay the indemnity stated in the contract. However, because of the pressure and ill-treatment by my superior, I have tendered my resignation letter within 24 hours notice dated on 30th March 2009. Recently, I have received a letter from the company dated on 11th May 2009 stated that they served the right on the issue and disagreed with my reason of resignation. What is my right and should I do? Is there any chance for me to get over with my resignation? Please advice. Thanks.
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KL Siew
13/05/2009 15:37:11
Was there any termination of service clause pertaining to notice period and so on? If there was and you failed to comply with that clause, the company can sue you. Read the contract again.
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14/05/2009 10:14:28
hai ,
I would like to clarify something about the resignation.

I hv applied for a government servant and which the result will only be announced in Mid of June ,2009 while the intake/registration is only 10 days after the result shown.

In this situation, if I tender my resignation after the result announcement, means i need to pay back my company about 2 months of my basic salary (2 months notice had been written in my confirmation letter).

Is there any law /right for an employee to apply the installment for the payback ?

can i pay by installments after resignation?

I m worry my HR refuse to accept my installment application.

Is there any law to state on this portion?

Above are my doubt & worries.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.
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