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08/05/2009 12:16:01
Re: Offer letter and appointment letter

when a candidate received a job offer letter, it means an employer had decided to accept him / her as their potential employee. So when an employee signed the letter, the company cannot reject him / her later by saying the company accepted another candidate who also signed the offer letter. In another words company only can send out one offer letter. However, the candidate he or she could still decide to reject the offer by either not signing or without replying within the date specified in the letter. That's the function of the offer letter. It also contains some details such as medical leave, public holiday list, etc; however It's not real agreement letter.

An appointment letter has more complete details and it's official agreement letter between the employee and employer.

If above statements are correct (correct me if i'm wrong); i have another question;

Is it necessary to issue a offer letter? some company only issues offer letter (with more complete details of agreements as in the agreement or appointment letter). Or could a company directly issued an appointment letter, without offer letter first?
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KL Siew
08/05/2009 16:35:14
Different companies may adopt different ways of doing things and there is no law to say how it should be done. Some employers want to sue candidates for not taking up the job offered to them and there were also cases where employers rescinding the offer after the candidate has accepted the offer and has given termination notice to his employer. One really don't know for sure how they will act.

There is also no rule to say whether appointment letter should only come after an offer letter.
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