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15/01/2009 15:03:58
Re: Boss abuse power

My previous supervisor has abused his authority to extort me. He is an expatriate whom I directly report to. Taking advantage of my unfavorable working situation at that time, he promised to help me in return of me lending him some amount of money. He did help me out eventually. I did not want to take that as bribery, however after some explanation, I found out that he has heavy debt. Convinced to help with his promises to return all my money by the following months, I took all my only savings to help him financially.

Now it is pass one year and he make no effort to return my money. I have some sms evidence of him asking for financial help. My savings statement should be evidence to show the transaction date

This is not very fair situation where a manager abuses his power to deceive his subordinate.
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KL Siew
15/01/2009 16:30:23
There was not very smart on your part by lending him all your only savings. What can you do with your evidence, sue him in court? That will cost you even more money. Next time don't be so kind that you would part with all your money. I have no helpful advice for you.
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