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04/05/2009 23:55:19
Re: legal firing period for accident staff / serious ill staff

dear siew,

i have a case that doubt me so much. my client was snatch while she on the way to company and she is claiming socso now - result still unknown but my company (Insurance Co) start paying out the group coverage brough by company.

i just wonder how long must the company keep the staff after / since the accident? ( as i know is 6 mths, is it correct?) within the period that the company must keep her, did she eligible for full basic salary paid by company?

another case will be one of my client suffer breast cancer, how long the company must keep her and is she eligible for full basic salary for the whole 'keeping' period as well?

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KL Siew
05/05/2009 09:04:51
No need to mention your company's name, I changed it, sorry.

1. I am not aware of any "firing period" for prolonged illness. She is entitled to receive SOCSO benefit as long as she is unfit. SOCSO will be able to advice whether she is still entitled to basic salary or not while she is receiving SOCSO.

2. There is no such thing as keeping period. She is entitled to sick leave pay in accordance with her contract of service. Some companies do have pay policy for prolonged illness benefit, like full pay for so long and half pay for so long.
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06/05/2009 11:23:42
no prob.

wat about the accident case?
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KL Siew
06/05/2009 15:12:27
I am sure SOCSO will pay as long as she is certified to be unfit. I can't say anything about group insurance.
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