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Need advise
02/05/2009 12:13:49
Re: unfair treatment by the directors.

Good day !
i have a question, if majority of the staff felt that they are being treated unfairly by one of the director among four, can we like write in to any labour office or watsoever to ask him to step down from his director position? for you information besides being the director he is also one of the shareholder of the company? The other 2 directors actually aware of his unfair treatment to the staff but because of the partnership issue they couldnt raise their voice because is kind of difficult in their position for them to discuss on this matter. Probably you have any idea how we can solve this?
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KL Siew
02/05/2009 15:17:40
I am unable to offer any suggestion and I don't think the Labour Office or anybody else can ask your director to step down.
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12/05/2009 17:01:54
your ceo / company president will be able to. but to have a concrete reason, it must take more than just you as a complainant. it is possible to take action granted you are able to get others to sign a document reference to your request. An investigation will have to be carried out and if justified, a suspension may be possible or heavier penalty (depending on the severity of the complaints).
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