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Rokiah Abu
30/04/2009 14:15:47
Re: Unknown Benefits

I had resigned from company A, 3 months ago.
I had received my EA Form yesterday from company A, with an attachment of benefits those I was entittled to claim but tax exempt. The point is, I was never informed by Company A of such benefits that I am entittled to, that I did not claim. I felt like being cheated.
Can I claim them eventhough I did not have the receipts to claim (for not knowing that I am entittled to)???
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KL Siew
30/04/2009 14:52:33
I am not sure what is that all about. Looks like just a list of benefits you were entitled to receive but not you actually received. Anyway, clarify with your ex company.
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02/05/2009 12:34:06
There is no way it will happen (the claim being approved). Just forget about it and move on. Be more vigilance or ask more questions in your next employment regarding the benefits, etc.

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