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29/04/2009 12:01:45
Re: Relocation of Office

My office currently located at Kelana Jaya and we have a factory located at West Port, Port Klang. Yesterday, one of the director had informed all staff during OperationMeeting that by end of June, all Operation staff will be re-locate to West Port, Port Klang (only Operation department will be re-locate, while other departments remain at Kelana Jaya).
Do the management has the right to do so? And if I refuse to re-locate, what should I do? Is there any rulling that I can refer to?
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KL Siew
29/04/2009 12:51:11
First, ask management what is the option if the staff is unable to relocate. Should you come across problems as a result of that, you can always consult the Laour Department.
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29/04/2009 22:52:33
Pls check your employment contract whether have clause "you can be transferred or re-located to other place / subsidiaries".
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04/05/2009 16:58:10
Thanks Mr Siew. Vince, the employment contract (or we so-called Offer Letter) did stated that the management will transfer to other subsi, but does not mentioned "other places"...
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