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Confused Worker
28/04/2009 15:05:20
Re: Ex company sue

I had work in the a company for 2 years.. Last year my manager ask me to do a job using my manager own company name not my company name.. Then after an half year my boss found out regarding this issue.. He question me and ask me why I did something like this to the company..I said the manager ask me to do so...So I just follow the order.. Now the after I resign,the boss sued me because of this issue..

1. The Invoice for the customer is my manager company name not my company name and the sales person name is my name because my manager ask me to do so.

2.After my ex boss found out about this issue,he didnt take any action like giving warning letter or suspend form work or terminate me.He just mention that we wont take any action.

3. 2 months later after this incident,I get better offer and I resigned. Then 1 month later I received lawyer letter regarding the issue..

My question is :

1. Why my ex company didnt take any action when i still work in that company and after i resign,he take action.Suppose he should pass me a warning letter like other company right?
2. My manager still works with him and didnt get sued by the company.If this matter i bring up to court,will they do anything?

Please advised me..I am still young and still have to work for many years...
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KL Siew
28/04/2009 15:25:58
Can you let us know the contents of the court notice or summons?
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