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14/01/2009 23:19:45
Re: Payment to on call allowance

We need the technician to troubleshoot the machine when the machine breakdown. Thus we come out a package to pay the employee, we will pay minimum 2 hrs of overtime pay/ Which mean even they only attend half of hour and we still pay two hrs instead, however 2 hrs onward will pay according to total hours performed.
Any act cover to this area? Are these 2 hrs meet the requirement?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
15/01/2009 08:42:27
As long as the amount so calculated is not less what should be paid under the EA, then I think it is alright. What about transport?
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15/01/2009 21:06:10
basically these minimum 2 hrs to cover the transport cost may loss if they only turn up to work maybe one hr or less.
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