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27/04/2009 11:50:54
Re: paid the lost

hi, may i ask a question? now, i working at the handphone shop as a accounts clerk. One day, a promoter serve a customer, the customer want to buy a new handphone, so he request the promoter to get the handphone for him, after the promoter pass the handphone to him, he grab the handphone and this case, is it the promoter have to paid back the lost for the company?
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KL Siew
27/04/2009 12:43:33
Do you have any understanding or agreement with the promoter about such thing when he started working in your company? Do you trust your promoter? I really don't know whether he should pay for it or not. You people in this line of business should know better.
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27/04/2009 21:13:06
i think the boss only verbally to tell them, and dun have any documents to sign.
then... is the company din pay the EPF & Socso to the staff, is it the staff can go to sued the company?
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KL Siew
28/04/2009 08:37:41
If the promoter is your employee, your company will have to contribute to EPF and SOCSO. Suppose that guy were to stab or injure the promoter, who is responsible? You better consult EPF and SOCSO.
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