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27/04/2009 09:25:30
Re: senior manager missing in action

Good day to you. A senior mgr called us 2 weeks ago to informed us that her f-law passed away. She didn't turn up after 1 week. When we try to contact her, she told us that she needs to settle some personal matter but never tell us when to report to work. She has been absent for 2 weeks till today wihtout contacting us. Our office cannot run without an
QA.... By the way, she is 57 yr old and not confirm yet. Should we get her to report to work and informing us the reason and just let her continue abs ? If no valid reason given, can we terminate her ? she is not a good performer mgr and we have been given her many chances.
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KL Siew
27/04/2009 09:52:17
Then you better courier her a letter requiring to report back to work within certain number of days failing which she would be deemed to have broken her contract of service and that you reserve the right to sue her for indemnity.
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