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26/04/2009 14:07:03
Re: Promoted new level as Snr Exec. with 3 exec worker.

I being promoted on Nov 08 with six month confirmation period. during the period we were 2 exec only running the section. However i been promised the i will be given an exec just after i take the new position as Snr Exec. But it took almost up the Feb 09, the company to hire the new Exec in my section. During the period me and the other exec were doing the daily job until the new exec came on board feb 09. In Feb 09 onward i had given the new job handover time to time by another newly joined accountant who do not know my section area well, and most of the handover was a mass to clear up.

Recently in April we have finish our audit. and my section had failed the audit. My manager accusing my for that to happen, I feel it is not fair, because I learning and clearing the new task which is back lock since the EX Snr left in Aug 08 and new exec joined in Feb 09, existing exec had swept the job with the new exec with my manager permission by than. My probation period for six month is until april 09.

This issue being highlighted to immediate second level manager time to time.

Q1: My manager had told me the week after the audit of my section, that he will issue me an warning letter after the audit, and also told me that he will monitor my section monthly based on the audit requirement and if it is not up to his statisfaction he will give an another one and up to the termination level.

Q2: My letter of appointment stated that Six month confirmation or downsize my level as Snr Exec to Exec only with my old salary, What should I do now,
Can I say to my manager during the warning letter presentation, that give some time for me to think and seek clearification should i sign the letter?

Q3 What is your advise?

Thank You

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KL Siew
26/04/2009 14:29:58
Since your section has failed in the audit, your manager has no choice but to take some action like giving warning, advice or whatever. He just cannot pretend that nothing has happened. Since you also asked for advice, my advice will be: accept the warning graciously and promise to clear up the mess. Try to regain their trust in your ability, prove it, show them.
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