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25/04/2009 15:00:06
Re: More knowledge Malaysian Labour Law


I would like to know,
1) What is the meaning of Code of Conduct in Malaysian Labour Law ?
2) Is it Malaysian Labour Law protect each pregancy woman ?

Thanks for your advise me.
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KL Siew
25/04/2009 15:43:29
1. Below is an extract from the Industrial Relations Department for your info:

"Code Of Conduct for Industrial Harmony

The Code of Conduct exhorts management and unions to recognise the human relations aspect of industrial relations. It stresses that it is only with an abundance of goodwill, combined with constant consultation and communication between the parties involved, that we can hope to contain the destructive expression of industrial conflict and encourage a more equitable and efficient system for the benefit of those involved and the community at large. The Code has been agreed after numerous meetings between representatives of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress and the Malayan Council of Employer's Organisations held under the auspices of the then Ministry of Labour and Manpower. The agreed Code, endorsed voluntarily by both employers' and employees' organisations commend both employer and employees to observe and comply with its provisions :

* to refrain from taking unilateral action with regard to any industrial dispute;
* to resolve all differences, grievances and disputes strictly in accordance with the grievance procedures of collective agreements, or, where there are no agreements, by negotiation, conciliation and arbitration;
* to ensure that at all times all matters in dispute are dealt with by the proper machinery established for that purpose;
* to promote constructive and positive co-operation at all levels in industry and to abide faithfully by the spirit of agreements mutually entered into;
* to establish, where none exists, a procedure which will ensure a complete and speedy investigation of grievances leading to a joint settlement;
* to comply with the various steps in the procedure for disposal of grievances and to avoid any arbitrary action which ignores there procedures;.
* to refrain from resorting to coercion, intimidation, victimisation and to avoid go-slow, sit down and stay-in-strikes;
* to educate managements and workers of their obligations to each other."

2. Pregnant women employees enjoy the same protection as any other types of employees.

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