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24/04/2009 16:38:11
Re: Date of Confirmation Letter

I have joined in the company since 6 Nov'08, but i just only get the confimration letter on 20 April'09 (5 months), they delay my confirmation with the reason of pending management team decision.

I wanted to find out why the letter of confirmation was put 20Aprl'09 instead of Feb'09 (3 months) which she mentioned it was based on approval date. The HR senior officer informing me that is doesn't matter since it has no any increment and everything remain unchanged. My company have distribute admin bonus to staff every quater, but i afraid that i would be not entitled to receive the admin bonus. Is there any incorrect on the confirmation date?

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KL Siew
24/04/2009 17:09:05
If the company is not going to backdate your confirmation, the date 20 April stands. You cannot tell them to backdate it even though that may cost you your bonus. Just hope you can get your bonus.
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