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24/04/2009 14:55:47
Re: Hospitalization Leave / Medical Leave

HI! Would like check something regarding Hospitalization Leave. One of my staff who had accident and the doctor just issued him a normal sick leave form for 21 days. So, is that he's consider as Hospitalization leave or Medical Leave? For entitle to Hospitalization, what kind of document he need to submit to our HR?

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KL Siew
24/04/2009 17:04:07
Did the accident happen during working hours? If not, it is just normal sick leave. If he was admitted to hospital, the hospital would normally give a certificate stating date of admission and date of discharge.
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27/04/2009 17:15:19
Hi, i was recently injured my knee and was given 1 months of Hospitalisation Leave as stated in the Sick Certificate but i wasnt admitted to hopistal but was just resting at home instead, does the HR have the right to define it as normal MC and deduct my salary after minus the 14 days of my MC entitlement? or they should treat this as Hospitalisation Leave as stated in the cert?

pls advise..
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27/04/2009 17:17:39
btw.. this clause is found in my company staff handbook;

"Where hospitalisation is required, an aggregate period of sixty (60) days paid sick leave per calendar year is allowed, provided that the number of days shall be reduced to the extent of the number of days for non hospitalization taken in the year"

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