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24/04/2009 14:25:01
Re: Salary Calculation

ABC having a mthly basic salary RM800 and hanphone allowance RM50. He tendered resignation on 13 Apr and last working day is on 25 Apr 09 by giving 2 weeks notices. He applied for NPL on the 16 Apr 09. OT for 6.5 hours for the month of April. Please correct the below calculation if I'm wrong.

Salary In March = 800+50/31 x 2 days
Salary In April = 800+50/30 x 24 days
OT claim = 850/26 days / 8 hrs x 1.5 x 6.5 hrs

then how abt the monthly handphone allowance? how shd i calculate?
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24/04/2009 14:32:03
These is my suggestion.

Does your company include handphone allowance as overtime calculation? If NO. then

OT Claim = RM 800 / 208 hrs x 1.5 rate x 6.5 hrs

Handphone allowance is per calendar month, did your employment stated it is prorated? If no, don't waste time, give RM50 instead.
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28/04/2009 09:51:54
ABC having a mthly basic salary RM3600 and hanphone allowance RM150/month. He granted 21 days annual leave from the company. He tendered resignation on 27th Apr by giving 1 month notice.
How to calculate his May salaray, base on 31 days or working day.

Please correct the blw annual leave calculation:-
annual leave 2009 = 21days/12month x 5 mths = 8.75 days ( shoud take 5 months or 4 months)
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