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23/04/2009 16:02:14
Re: leave

Anyone...pls advise.

We have one staff who were on prolonged illness leave since December last year. however, currently she has resumed her work starting April 09 with light duty. management has agreed to allow her to work half day (half pay) every day so that she'll be able to go for her treatment in the afternoon.

My question:
1. What is her al entitlement for year 2009?Should it be pro rated?
2. If she takes leave, should it count as full day or half day leave?
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KL Siew
23/04/2009 17:45:14
If she is entitled to say 14 days leave per year, just state as 14 days. No need to complicate matter by specifying half day or full day. You are not paying more anyway.
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24/04/2009 08:34:37
She's under prolonged illness leave until March 09. So, her al should be count from April onwards. Am I right?
She's working half day, and she gets half pay. Will it be fair for her if I deduct 1 day whenever she takes leave?
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KL Siew
24/04/2009 09:36:58
For example, an employee who is full pay, is entitled to 14 days annual leave for a year. Now she is on half pay and works half day, you mean she is entitled to take leave 28 times in the year in order to be fair?
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