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22/04/2009 16:40:41
Re: Retrenchment / Termination

I represent my colleagues to ask you a few questions on the issues of “Retrenchment” or “Termination”.

In the beginning of April 2009, my company issued a memo to ask all the employees to sign to agree upon “Company Shutdown 8 days per month” starting of May 2009 onwards. Annual leave or unpaid leave will be applied for this case.

Before this, we were asked to sign to agree upon “Company Shutdown 4 days per month” starting of December 2008 onwards. As a result, most of us has used up the annual leave.

As a result, we went to discuss with the HR Department head to appeal so that he l understand our financial issue due to 26% of the salary will be deducted if we agree on “Company Shutdown 8 days per month”. We propose to him to pay us half of the salary or to reduce the number days of shutdown, but he disagree.

As a result, 25% of the total of all employees disagreed to sign. My company is very angry with us and want to retrench / terminate those who didn’t sign.

Our questions are as below:
1. What is difference between “Retrenchment” and “Termination” ?
2. In this situation, the company should choose VSS first or “retrenchment” ?
3. Could the company retrench worker with this reason ( not sign the above memo ) ?
4. Could the company retrench worker without discussion ?
5. Could the employee fine the company because of taking this action (retrenchment)?
6. What is LIFO ? Should it consider position level or department ?
7. Who can provide the employee help / advice for this issue ?

Thank you very much in advance !!!

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KL Siew
22/04/2009 21:16:42
I don't think I can give you satisfactory answers in so many words. You need some real actions to tackle real issues. Choose some representatives and pay a visit to the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department and discuss your problems with some of the officers there.
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