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azril azam
21/04/2009 17:19:50
Re: Been Acused, No Warning Letter, Company HR not responsive, denied increment and bonus


1. I have been working with my company which is a MALAYSIA GLC for almost 4 years and has been a very excellent worker.

2. Each year my KPI rating was above 3.6 / 4

3. However this year (2009), my KPI is 3.65 but I was ranked among the lowest.

4. The reason why I am receiving a very low ranked due to the accusations that I have a bad attitude problems.

5. When I asked what were the accusations, the company refuse to say

6. The worst part is, the company HR never issued to me any warning letter regarding for any wrong doing.

7. I have been called by my boss to further explanation, and I have explained the reasons for every actions and was decided it is not a wrong doing but merely misunderstanding.

8. However, according to the HR I am still committed of the wrong doing.

9. FYI, the accusations were totally false accusations based on personal opinion. In Malay term I called it "fitnah". I believed the accusation was from among the top management who pretty much does not like me because I am getting all the spotlight.

10. But I have no way to prove it because the company HR is not very cooperative.

11. Till this date, the issue is still hanging and its has been include in my service records. In such, I will be denied for my annual increment and bonuses.

12. I would like to take a legal action on this matter but I dont know if there such law to assist a person like me.

13. Any advise is most welcome
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KL Siew
21/04/2009 19:50:55
I can only say one thing. If people in the top management don't like you, things are going to be tough, very tough. Let more spot light be shone on them, I am sure you will be alright. As it is now, I don't think you can take any legal action and in fact there is very little you can do about it at the moment including your increment and bonus.
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02/05/2009 10:16:52
2 options:

1. Stay - gather evidence, if there is writtten communication on all these matters, compile them and write an official letter seeking explanation to the HR. Seek a good IR lawyer's advice. However, engaging your company in such action may jeopardise your future employability, especially if future employers conduct reference checks before hiring.

2. Plan your exit i.e. look for a new job. Enlist assistance of 1 or 2 boss(es) who are nice to you and know of your problem about this unfair treatment for future career reference. This is to safeguard your reputation because if future employers do a reference check, your HR may release info from your P-file, which is negative.

Either way, there are pros and cons, depends on which one you are more comfortable with.
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22/12/2009 17:11:01
In this case, can we take legal action of being demoralised/humiliated by the management? Please advise? Or is this such a constructive dismissal with this so called created accusation?

Another question, how to handle this? If the personal opinion come from a specific person that demoralising the victim and can be point of accusation from the top management? Is there any way that the employee can take action?
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