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14/01/2009 12:28:26
Re: annual leave entitlement

Hi, juz wan to check, how does the annual leave is calculated?

Is it counted on the 1st day when we joined the company, after probation period then only can apply? And the annual leave will be counted based on pro-rata basis?

Or, we must complete 1 year service then only can be entitled for the annual leave? And the annual leave will be counted from the exact month after 1 year service?

For an example, if i joined the company on jul'08. My probation period is 3 months and my annual leave entitlement is 14 days. How does the leave calculated? How many days do i entitle during year 2008 and year 2009?

Kindly guide me, thx a lots...
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KL Siew
14/01/2009 13:52:26
You can get the answer in the previous messages by Yvonne and Ping. They asked the same questions.
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14/01/2009 14:28:58
Refer to my example as stated above, the calculation of my annual leave is, i am not entitled any annual leave on the 1st service year i.e. jul'08 until jun'09. And my annual leave during year 2009 is 7 days (effective jul'09 until dec'09).

Mind to give me a clear guideline?

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KL Siew
14/01/2009 15:01:54
You must complete 12 months service from July 08 to June 09 to qualify 14 days annual leave.You can take leave up to 14 days (you earned during July 08 to June 09) after June 09.
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28/07/2009 17:08:10
Hi, Mr Siew, you were saying that one must complete 12 mths of service before can qualify for the Annual Leaves. Does it mean that we are actually utilising our last year's earned Annual Leave (2008) during this year (2009)? So, am i right to say that : if i tender my resignation at 10.06.2009, i can contra to leave the company earlier by using the balance leave from AL 2008 + the leave i earned betw 01.01.2009 till 31.05.2009 ? need your advice, thank you.
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