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madam lim
18/04/2009 18:02:34
Re: dismiss service during probation period

dear sir,

can i dismiss my employee service during probation period by giving a warning or so called dismiss letter on the last day of services with the pay accordingly to the worked days ? the probation we give her is 3 months and the employment letter was given in February 2009.

is it true that i need to issue warning letter or termination letter prior two weeks before termination of probation? as my employee often take leaves and she's going to take leave in this coming 22th to 24th of April again. the reason why i wanted to dismiss her service is due to her irresponsible attitude towards all the given tasks, negligence, no honesty, blame fault on other officers, simply make changes to my accounting system without permission.

can i give the warning letter and salary on the day when i dismiss her? the reason is because i worried she would revenge with all the records and document and acc system if i give her earlier the warning letter. therefore, i hope that u can guide me with proper solution...

thank you for your guidance and your kindness are highly appreciated.


madam lim
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KL Siew
18/04/2009 20:33:35
When you want to terminate her service immediately without notice and If there is an agreed period of notice for termination of service such as one month, two months or 3 months, you will have to her salary up the last day of work plus salary as indemnity in lieu of notice.

If there is no agreed notice period, the indemnity will be one month salary.
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20/04/2009 19:59:05
Please refer to your employment agreement.

Alternative is, issue "show cause", list down the charges, follow by stune warning letter. Put the employee in PIP - Performance Improvement Plan for a period of 3 months.

Employer can decide legally to terminate non - performer after the PIP. let someone to hurt a job for him/her.
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