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18/04/2009 14:45:29

When company requests managers to take pay cut due to the present economic downturn, all agreed. However, if some managers have to go overseas to meet customers and they are given daily allowance, is there a case by other managers to protest if daily allowance is been given to those who go overseas?
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Kl Siew
18/04/2009 20:35:33
I don't see any reason why they should protest. Their turn may come to go overseas.
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18/04/2009 21:49:10
When company introduced pay cut, take home pay will be reduced. By having the chance to go overseas to meet customers, daily allowance will be given. Hence actual amount of money received could be more than the normal salary after taken in the daily allowance.

Not all managers will have the chance to go overseas to meet customers. As such take home pay will be lesser as compared to the one who goes to see customers. In the name of business trip, the managers' salaries will not be affected by the economic slowdown. Therefore it is not fair to the other managers who don't have the chance to go overseas to see customers but to suffer lesser pay. Don't you think that when company introduce cost cutting measures all managers must respond to the measures collectively? Workers too have to take unpaid leave due to shut down, hence lesser take home pay. Is it fair to other workers as well whose pay are very lower than managers? There should be leadership by example, right? Thanks.
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