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17/04/2009 15:12:45
Re: Absent from Work

Dear Siew,

I would like to make enquiry whether can company terminate a staff under Sec 60F2(b) for who has been in MC for 2 months (MC did submit to company every week) and after that totally no news.

After the company issue the letter for absent from work and ask for written explanation within 7 days but no reply, it is consider already auto termination if the last paragraph of letter mention " Failing which, we will presume you have breached your contract of service"?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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KL Siew
17/04/2009 16:23:57
Is he an old staff of yours? I think you better make an effort to find out what is actually wrong with him before you take that action.
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24/04/2009 10:09:33
She is our old staff. During she missing in action time, we are unable to locate her and we traet as termination after we issue the letter for 7 days reply but no response. The letter was sent by AR registered. We also submit Borang 3 to socso for staff resign in Nov'2008.

For your information, she joined in April'2008 and from July'2008 onwards was on MC and unpaid MC (as 14 days fully utilised) which submited to us until end Oct'08. After that, no sound no picture. During she was on MC that period, we did wrote in to UMMC (as they issue MC for her) to ask for further report and they reply cannot disclose patient information to us.

Now she come back to us and asking us to sign her form for her to claim socso case under pencen Ilat.

I would like to know shall we sign for her? Awaits your advice.

Thanks in advance.

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