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16/04/2009 14:53:36
Re: Verbal warning letter after 5 years of service

Hi there, I have been with this MNC organisation for the past 5 years , untill i was transfered due to business volume drop from a diffrerent plant to the plant that i am working now. In this plant, i was placed under a department with new job scope in a production department. Meanwhile, i was from six sigma department which is more on planning rather than execution. It has cause me some difficulty on perform on time where soem of the task given which related to 3rd part involvement will always delay due to the 3rd party delays. This is been identified as low performance and change my job scope very often example 4 times in 6 months time.

I am basically, going treu a dilema of min stress and unhapiness where even i felt on sick reasonly which cause Medical leaves very often.

All the medical leaaves was within this 6 months of my servise where it is like on monthly basis.

This is unlike by my manager where he has always scold me on this and even ask me to resign from company.

Finally, he was giving me a task which is few relate to my job experience with a tracking of ghant chart .

Based on my experience, task given lead time and the lead time given was short. When he ask for commit then sometimes he also giving his date of complete.

Anyhow, i still complete and there is also more task , which i complete earlier than commited date and time. In addition , i was also given some other task which is not been recorded.

All the recording was done due to he ahs place me under performance improvement plan, but i never received any notifictaion from HR.

To not prolong , he keep on try to make me leave the company bypressure me and shout to me infront of other people and with like virus , overhead and waste. untill he finds a way of having meeting on every day morning 8.15 am and after work 5.15 pm.

Based on that, i was not attending 2 days of his 5.15 pm meeting becos , 1day -i was forgot on the meeting where i went o another office to solve my IT problem and drag time .
2day iwas perform a task given by him untill 6.30pm whichj coz me not attending.

Also, there is day not attending 8.15am meeting where it was heavy rain and most of the employee was late and i am riding motorbike from almost 40 KM travel.

After , he collect his all the data , then he has ask me to plot a attendance chart of my self and use that to show HR for my verbal warning.

Notes: I also, having a voice recorded by Mobile phone of him shouting an scolding me and force me resign.

Please advise, what i should do.
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KL Siew
16/04/2009 17:27:47
From what I gathered, the differences or problems were between you and your manager. As such your HR should look into problems. Nobody likes to have staff quarreling among themselves. Show the voice recording to HR and see whether they can give both of you some counseling for the good of the company.

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