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16/04/2009 00:17:38
Re: Medical fees

I was admitted to hospital for a week, and before admitted i had check with the company about the hospitalization will be bear by the company or not,and they said the insurance company will pay for it. but after 2 months i submitted the claims, the insurance company reject my claim, reason being is during the hospitalization i was less than a month with the company. In this case should the company bear my medical bill???
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KL Siew
16/04/2009 09:35:52
For that, you will have to ask your company. Under the Employment Act, there is no provision that employers are liable to foot medical bills.
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17/04/2009 11:07:06
IN terms of hospitalization insurance policy, it is common and correct that there is a pending period of 120 days in order to get the coverage.

therefore, if yr company does not cover (i believe most of the company does not cover) you hv to bear the cost.
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