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15/04/2009 21:15:00
Re: Retrenchment

My company have retrenched about 80 staff and workers and their notice period is not the same. The company is doing it on batches by closing each department at a time. When we were being retrenched, we are given a letter stating that all payment will be paid on your last day of service or notified otherwise if there is a change. But it did not state the retrenchment benefits that we can get. Some of us have been as long as 15 years. Our question:-

1) Until todate, it is already 2 months and we have not receive any payment from the Company....when we called, the Finance Manager keep saying that they will pay us when they have fund. Can they do that to us?

2) We are afraid to go to the Labour Office because we are scared that if the employer knew about it, they will delay or hold our payment.

3) Some of us earning more than $4,000, should we also go to the Labour Office.

4) If we have lodge a complaint to the Labour Office, and the Company still don't pay us due to insufficient fund, what can we do?

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KL Siew
15/04/2009 22:12:47
I think all of you better don't wait. Making a claim for your termination and layoff benefits at the Labour Office first. When a company has insufficient fund, there will be problems no matter where you go. Anyway, work out the details of the benefit you are entitled to receive and make claim at the Labour Office. Don't delay any more.
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