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14/04/2009 15:55:26
Re: staff absentee

good day siew,

what actions can be taken by the company when the staff has exceeded the usual 14 days of MC and annual leave and is still going on strong with the MC from doctors?
in regards to the labour law, when the staff earns above RM1.5K, they are no longer a case for the labour dept if all basic requirements were provided to the staff correct? are there any other issue that the company needs to consider if action needs to be taken against this particular staff?
please advice.

thank you.

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KL Siew
14/04/2009 16:45:13
There will be no pay for him for those MC in excess of his entitlement.

For staff with salary over 1.5K, you have to be aware that he has the right to seek redress at the Industrial Relations Department in the event of dismissal by the employer.
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