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14/04/2009 13:46:22
Re: Termination

Hi. I am enquiring this on behalf of my mum.

She works as a general worker in a childcare for almost 4 years now. But when she join, she did not sign any offer of employment letter from the school. When ask the head, she says that no need sign any offer.

The head of the childcare have sold the centre to another person and did not inform any of the workers. My mum got to know from someone that the childcare contract ends this month. My mum salary is less than RM1500. As at todate, she did not get any notice of the lay off. As heard fr someone, they will be working for another 2 months with the new employer and thereafter will be terminated.

My question is :-
1) Can she get any compensation according to the employment act?
2) What can she do to get the compensation?
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KL Siew
14/04/2009 16:35:58
Don't listen too much what other people said. With her salary she is covered by the Employment Act. If her service were ever terminated, she can always seek redress at the Labour Department.
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18/05/2009 17:52:24

I have a friend who recently got retrench frm his company with immediate effect .the reason for the retrenchment is due to economic slow down, the company only pay him 1 month notice + his annual leave.he have been with the company for 6 years his salary is above RM2000

My question is :
1) Can he get any compensation according to the employment act?
2) What can he do to get the compensation.?
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