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12/04/2009 22:57:52
Re: resignation without serving 3 months notice

Dear KC,

I was previously an expatriate for a listed company in KL.

Last year (July 08), the company transfer me back with offering Malaysia based salary which is 70% less than expariate paid. So I tender my resignation with immediate effect and the company accepted it (verbally).

They refuse to pay me back balance salary & claims amounted approxiamtely RM 12, 000. And now they issue me a laywer letter (in Apr 09) saying that the mgt is not agreeable to my request of waiver of 3 months notice, and demand the sum to RM 12, 000 which is equivalent to 3 months salary as compensation.

What actions can I take to protect myself?

Thank you very much for your kind advise.
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KL Siew
13/04/2009 10:16:14
You may have to consult a lawyer. You may also try your embassy see if they can offer you any help.
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