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13/01/2009 16:53:26
Re: Emergency Leave

How can employer control staff from taking emergency leave? Can an employer deduct more than 1 day AL to compensate 1 day emergency leave taken?

E.g. :- 1 day EL = 1.5 days AL

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KL Siew
13/01/2009 17:30:44
You cannot do that. Be more strict, take disciplinary action including action stated in Section 14 of the Employment Act.
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14/01/2009 14:49:55
My company implemented new rules on Emergency Leave.

"Emergency leave will be deducted from the entitled annual leave. An employee is only allowed to an emergency leave less not more than 5 days in a calendar year of 12 months. Should the employee take more than 5 days, the employer has the right to deduct the employee's salary depending on the number of emergency leave."

Is this in accordance to Labour Law?
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