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11/04/2009 14:38:51
Re: Salary Deduction

I am the Operation Manager with salary table as below:-
Basic pay: RM6555
Offsite allowance: RM11060
Maintenance allowance: RM350
Phone: RM100
Fuel Card: RM300
Total monthly income: RM18385

I do have black and white on all of my increment or new scheme offered by the company.

Recently, the company deducted RM3515 from my salary. The reason was HR wrongly award me the amount. They said it was too much & does not par with other managers. They've been paying me those amout for 1 year at least.

Question: Is it legal for the company to do that? Can I fight for the company to give me back my RM3515?

Please help


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KL Siew
11/04/2009 16:16:03
I suggest you get a lawyer to look into your case see whether you can file a suit against the company.
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