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10/04/2009 15:40:45
Re: Annual Leave

I work for 14 years in the company. My Annual Leave 16 days per year.
This there 16 days only in Labour Law?
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10/04/2009 15:47:33
Can i check ,

i apply for 1/2 annua leave, but my boss reject it. He say campany law no 1/2 day systems. Can i Check malaysia labour law that if i apply 1/2 annual leave is it wrong?
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KL Siew
10/04/2009 19:16:58
16 days are the minimum the employer has to give under the Employment Act. Employers are not obliged to give more but a lot of companies do provide more than that.

Some companies accept half day leave while others do not. It depends on their leave policy. There is no provision under the Employment Act where employees are allowed to take half day leave.
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29/04/2009 11:55:59
In my company for the holiday or leave given by company or management is deduct from our annual leave.

for example:

for chinese new year they give one week holiday. the days after public holiday is deducted from our annual leave.and aslo thaipusam,prophet muhammads birthday,raya haji, hari raya eve,chinese new year eve all this holiday given by management.we didnt ask for it.but they still deduct from our annual leave.I would like to know wether is this correct by labour law.

And now we are working five days in a week to replace saturday.we work extra 1/2 an hour in a that they have to pay for that 1/2 an hour to us? another issue is since we work five days in a week there have some public holidays which is company pay to us fall on saturday but in my company they didnt replace the holiday for us.its consider we work on some public holidays.but the thing is we already replace our saturday working day in weekdays.I also would like to know is this correct by labour law.
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