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10/04/2009 00:58:58
Re: Termination with reason under performance/productivity


I am under stress and would like to know the right as an employee. For your information, I am a worker earning >RM1500. I am not a member of any union.

1. Can an employer terminated an employee by reason the employee is under performance / not productive?

2. If they force me to sign any letter foresaid I am not productive, then give me a warning letter to terminate me. Is that legal? Recently they give me an assigned task mentioned it is a key for observation. I manage to complete the task one day before the due date. Later, they ignore that achievement and turning the other way and other task as a statement I do not complete the task. And they force me to sign the under performance report.

2a. Is that legal a company force an employee to complete a task when the employee already continuously work and awake for 21 hours. And the employee already highlight to the line manager that he is having health problem after such long work hour.

3. If an employer terminate an employee with such reason, not productive, will they have to pay compensation base on that?

4. the contract of employment do consists of such term as below,
"The company shall be entitled to terminate this contract and to dismiss the employee forthwith if the employee shall be found, after due inquiry, to have been guilty of conduct inconsistent with the fulfillment of the expressed or implied terms and conditions of employement hereunder. "

5. Any legal / governance department that I can seek legal advice or protection for such case? Or I already at the right shoes to whom I am enquiring now?

Thanks and regards,
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KL Siew
10/04/2009 13:24:28
If your service has been terminated, you may seek redress at the Industrial Relations Department. If you are working there, just carry on your work as usual.
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