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09/04/2009 15:05:52
Re: employer refused to pay salary

im mageswary , 27, had been worked in JV Ziphyear a sub-contractor company of RM Leopad, it runs scaffolding business. my position was as a secretary and my pay is rm1200.00 and mobile allowance rm 100.00... before resign i have informed my employer that i wont be longer here, as soon as i get my government job i will resign. so there is no confirmation leeter or appoinment letter given and also he agreed. as for the company rules the salary is on 5th of every month.... i resigned myself last 28 march 2009, i have also handover all the neccesary documents to another clerk. i have done my best there accordingly... when i asked my salary my manager mr.ruben he told me that mr.jega MD of the company said that can give my salary on monday 30.03.2009.. thenn when i called at that time he gave reasons that the month haven't over yet... k i said alright.. then on 02.04.2009 when i asked again my salary he said its the rules that only on the 05.04.2009 can pay all the salary. i waited... after that i called several times they refused to answer my calls... on the 07.04.2009 when i called he said that my work is pending and i didn't do anything... i explained to him saying that i have endovoure everything to this clerk... he says the payment havent release yet..... so whenever i called he is giving me reasons and not paying my salary....
i hope i will get the answer as soon as possible... and what am i supposed to do.

regret ,
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KL Siew
09/04/2009 17:35:33
Don't wait, go to the Labour Department and make a claim for it.
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