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08/04/2009 14:37:00
Re: Employer change offer letter


2 weeks ago i accepted a job with this company and went in to sign the offer letter at HR. But yesterday they call me up and told me to come in and sign a new letter because they said the start date has been changed. So when i went in i noticed that a few other clauses and statements has been changed also like notice period increased from 1 to 3 months and allowances has been removed and replaced with a manual that will only be given to me on the day start work . When asked they said is new company policy.

I feel this is unfair as i accepted the offer based on the initial letter , right now the new letter only stated my basic salary only and everything else will be in a employee manual that i feel is easily manipulated by the company. Plus i have already resigned form my current job.

They also wanted me to return the original letter but i told them i misplaced it and kept it as proof. Can i complain about this or i have no choice but to accept the new terms ?
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KL Siew
08/04/2009 15:18:44
You will have to make up your mind whether to accept the new offer or not. Once the new offer is accepted and you started working, the new offer will be valid. Think carefully. The old offer will be useless even if you produce it later.
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